2018 Global Leadership Summit

GLS 2018: What did you love the most??

  • 1.  GLS 2018: What did you love the most??

    Pillar of the Community
    Posted 10 days ago
    Edited by Tiffany Leong 9 days ago
    Hey GLS-ers! Did you have a fun time in Chicago this past weekend? I know I did-I loved talking with you guys and getting to know many of you. And I'm still still trying to catch up on sleep!

    We had so many awesome presentations from our speakers, but I'd personally like to know-what was your favorite part? Was there a particular talk or speaker that really resonated with you? Were you all about making contacts at the Connection Cafe? Did you find a job or decide on a grad school in the sponsor exhibition space? Or was there something else that had an impact on you?

    Please share with us-I'd love to hear directly from you.


    Tiffany Leong
    Communications Manager, BGS
    St. Louis, MO, USA