Collegiate Chapter Notes


Check out the latest CMS updates!

Thanks to the valuable feedback we’ve received from chapter leaders like you, we have made numerous improvements to the CMS in the last few months. Here’s a look at a few of the biggest updates.


  • Edit student information after they’ve been invited. Go to the “Search Members and Invitations” section, and you have the option to edit a student’s name, email address, chapter fee or induction type. (If you make an update to an email address and would like a reminder message sent, please email
  • View and change students’ “certificate name.” If a student has accepted membership and typed in their name incorrectly, you can edit how their name will appear on their certificate. (We suggest only editing the students’ certificate name if you are certain the student input their name incorrectly—or if they used special characters that they don’t want on the certificate.)
  • View the scheduled certificate order date. This will tell you when your student’s certificate will be sent for production.

Inviting students: best practices


Overcoming issues with first semester eligibility and a second semester ceremony


If you have students who become eligible for BGS during their first semester, you should still invite them to join—even if your ceremony isn’t until May, or if they are graduating early.


  1. Create your ceremony in the CMS (even if it’s months ahead of time) and invite eligible students to join BGS throughout the year.


  1. If students are graduating before your ceremony date, they can still begin utilizing BGS’ lifetime membership benefits—like networking opportunities, professional discounts and more.


  1. Membership certificates will be mailed to your chapter before the ceremony date—if some of these members have already left campus, invite them to come back for the recognition ceremony.

Create virtual ceremonies in the CMS


Your chapter can create multiple ceremonies in the CMS based on when your school’s graduation times are—even if you’re only hosting one physical ceremony per year.


Then, invite all new members who accepted after your last physical ceremony to participate in the next one! The only difference will be that the certificate dates will be different for the members who were invited to those virtual ceremonies.


Invite sophomores—on your own terms


If you have reservations about opening up BGS membership to sophomores at your school, consider these tips from other chapter leaders.


  1. Implement additional requirements for sophomores to be invited—like completing a minimum of 12 credits within the business school and being in the top 10% of their class at the sophomore level.


  1. Induct sophomores and assign one or two to special student officer roles, designed to help you promote BGS on campus, host events and assist with the recognition ceremony.

NOW AVAILABLE: co-branded BGS invitations!


One piece of feedback that we’ve received from some invitees and chapters is that they would like a co-branded version of our official CMS invitation email, to help show the legitimacy of their invitation and highlight the partnership between our organizations.

Well you asked, and we answered: we can now develop invitation emails that include your school’s branding!

To take advantage of this new offering, email with a digital version of your school’s logo and help us navigate any formal approval process. There is nothing else your chapter would need to do, and it wouldn’t produce any additional messaging to a future invitee.