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Hidalgo Nutricion Vegetal


Rodrigo Hidalgo is the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Hidalgo Nutricion Vegetal, a family company founded by his father 18 years ago. The company imports and sells fertilizers in central Mexico. Among his main activities are coordinating CRM projects while exploring new agri-business opportunities and prospective suppliers from around the world. His main targets include holding the company’s market share with its greenhouse customers and improving the company’s warehouse efficiency.

Before entering the family’s company. Rodrigo spent four years as an Account Executive and Financial Advisor for businesses in Citi Banamex and Grupo Financiero Monex. He holds a BA in Financial Management and is a certified Financial Advisor under Mexican laws.

Rodrigo is a car enthusiast, amateur photographer and passionate about scale models and R/C. He enjoys reading business books and playing golf in his spare time. Feel free to contact Rodrigo at