Mr. Karl Brautigam III

University of Connecticut

Contact Details

University of Connecticut


I am a media professional with a strong background in sales, strategy, client marketing and research, with a deep bench of technical knowledge and a foundation in television (local and network), film/movies, streaming, data, telecom, digital media (online, social, video and mobile) and publishing.

My background spans both the sales side and the client marketing side, ultimately providing me the unique understanding of the goals of a top category brand advertiser (a major movie studio), as well as the revenue targets a sales organization must reach.

This unique perspective allows me to not only understand how everything is packaged and positioned to clients, but also how products function on the back-end, as well as a keen understanding of capabilities, functionality, reporting and analytics. I also have experience in startup environments and within large companies as well.

Areas of expertise:

* Sales
* Marketing
* Strategy
* Activation
* Research & Analytics
* Account Management & Client Service
* Operations
* Sourcing & Vendor Management
* Brand Activation

Industry Expertise

* Television (Local & Network)
* Digital Media (Mobile, Desktop, Video, OTT)
* Data
* Film/Movies
* Social Media
* Telecom
* Financial Services
* Book Publishing
* Startups
* Large Corporations


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