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University of Colorado Boulder

Adam Zika


I went to CU in 2012 and started skiing for the CU Ski Team under the leadership of the head coach Richard Rokos. It has been a blast but that's a story for another time. In my first year at CU I won the individual NCAA championship title in GS and as a team we won 2x the NCAA team national title. I have been voted as a captain in two consecutive years in 2014 and 2015.

I have graduated in 2016 with Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Master’s degree in Accounting at the same time. During my last year at CU and after my graduation I looked for a job opportunity on my own, with the career services at business school and at athletic department. I have decided to gain the best possible experience after my graduation back in the Czech Republic. I had been interviewed at Roklen (boutique investment bank in Prague, CZE) and they hired me immediately. Over the last three years at Roklen I had a chance to participate in multiple transactions across many sectors, further, I had the opportunity to help two Tech companies (Fillamentum and AtomTrace) go public on newly organized market from the Prague Stock Exchange (

All those experiences I have gained at Roklen were challenging on one side but extremely rewarding on the other, and I am really glad that I had this chance. But now, having a high profile investment banking experience, I would like to gain new experience in the US. Therefore, I thought you could help me to lead my way to the next step in my professional career.