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Stephen Deason


I am an entrepreneur, founder, CEO, consultant, professor, recovery advocate, and a human person - among other things ;)

Life is amazingly simple: be authentic, take responsibility, clean up my messes, be of service, help others. Took me long enough to understand that. I've picked up some skills and experiences in life, and I focus on using those in serving others. Here's how....

We are a Social Enterprise. We see opportunities and solutions where others see problems. Our goal is to leverage capitalism to help people build worth in Recovery.

We purchase and operate hyper-local businesses that depend on deep connections and elevating human capital.

We leverage the philosophies underlying capitalism to help people build worth in Recovery. As part of our "secret sauce," we elevate people in long-term Recovery, offering hope and opportunities. We tap into unrealized growth potential, optimizing, scaling, and growing both people and businesses.