Mr. Brandon Beasley

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My name is Brandon Beasley and I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia, born and bred.  I have lived in the State of Maryland for six years since 2013 but I am relocating back home where I belong.  I graduated from Howard University with my Executive MBA as of May 2019.  My professional background entails managerial, supervisory and leadership positions.  As a civilian I was a business manager for a computer software/computer company and an accounts manager for a national electric company.  As an E5 Logistics Specialist Sailor in the United Stated Navy from 2008-2016 I was in charge of squadron logistics as a supervisor as well as the financial manager for my squadron.  I am currently employed at the Baltimore VA Medical Center as a Logistics Inventory Management Specialist for 9 Operating Rooms.  I oversee managing and controlling assigned classes of expendable and durable medical equipment material for VA MHCS. 

I am currently in the market for a either a transfer to the Department of Defense or the VA Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am also in the market for a home in the surrounding Atlanta area.  If there are any references that you can give me, please feel free to do so.