I Don't Want to Be Connected to EVERYONE!

By Dick Dillon posted 02-16-2018 12:41

I happened across this article from The Verge recently and it pretty well summed up my feelings about a lot of the Internet connectivity we have been "blessed" with in recent years. The capacity to connect with almost anyone and everyone is a blessing and a curse. Fake news, Facebook algorithms, and so many other features that are part of the new technological world we live in has made the time I spend online often less valuable to me than it was several years ago. 

I prefer to have more control over the people with whom I interact and the information that gets delivered to me. I hate doing a search for a new coat, and then seeing pop-up ads for coats for the next six months on every web page I visit. And while I appreciate the urge that leads you to post 20 pictures a week of your cute puppy (I do love my dog, too), I'm not sure I want to see all of them!

This article helps me see I'm not alone in my growing distaste for everybody/all the time connections, giving me reassurance that my leaning positively towards technology throughout my life has not soured into a perverted Luddite personality. I particularly agree with the final paragraph "The old promise of the internet — niche communities, human connection, people exchanging ideas, maybe even paying each other for the work they’d made — never really lost its appeal, but this year it came back with a miniature vengeance."

ConnectBGS - the platform upon which you are reading this - is just such a niche community. BGS members, as our slogan goes, are the "Best in Business", and that is a community I can support, and want to be connected with. There are upwards of half a million BGS Honor Society members around the world, but they aren't all here (yet). Even if half discover ConnectBGS, it will be a far more compact, and useful community to belong to than the 1 billion+ on Facebook. We can make that work favorably for all of us.