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    Posted 05-28-2020 11:13
    Hello everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy.

    Hopefully, you've all had a chance to check it out BGS Career Central since it's launch last month. Although it's still in its infancy we are working on ways to make it more valuable and relevant to our members. We want it to showcase BGS as the place to go for the most relevant, up to date, high-quality content, and be a trusted source for industry and career-related info.

    One of our top priorities for Career Central is providing access to jobs for our members. This is where we'd like to ask for your help. As successful BGS alumni, we wanted to reach out to you for ideas and recommendations on global or regional organizations you think would appeal to our members as great places to work. We have partnerships with organizations like KPMG and GEICO but since we have a global footprint we could use your suggestions on which other companies to consider from your parts of the world.

    Initially, we plan to share links to their job boards but longer-term we'll be exploring ways to develop partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with them as well.

    Thanks for your help and recommendations and for everything you do to make BGS a great experience for our members.

    Julio Velazquez
    Beta Gamma Sigma
    Director, Marketing & Communications
    Saint Louis, MO