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    The question for the week of April 2, 2018 is "What is the first question you would want to ask a prospective mentor?" ------------------------------ Dick Dillon Innovaision, LLC Saint Louis MO ------------------------------

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    Hello Everyone! We are looking at adding some new communities to ConnectBGS and would love your feedback! Just respond to this thread about your interest in joining one or more of the communities listed. Possible new community additions: Business ...

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    HI  I think finance community will be great to join Sangam Mehra ------------------------------ Sangam Mehra Halifax NS ------------------------------

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    I'm interested in an Accounting community. ------------------------------ Shehreyar Rehman Rider University Lawrenceville NJ ------------------------------

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    Hey Andrea, Emotional Intelligence is always a topic people seem interested to discuss. It's relatively new in respect to other topics where there are a lot of people who have heard about it in conversation but don't really have a good grasp of what ...


  • Welcome to the Good Reads Community!

    Simply put, lifetime learners read books! This community was created for members to share what they have read (or are reading now) that has made a difference to them. Have you learned valuable skills or information that has helped you in your career? ... More

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  • It is our extreme honor to announce the selection of the following 2018 BETA GAMMA SIGMA AWARD WINNERS .    Our ...

  • It’s reasonable to ask “why should I” when you’re invited to join an honor society. Most people see it as an investment in ...

  • It is not very often that you get an opportunity to collaborate on an enterprise wide initiative that excites and empowers ...

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    I happened across this article from The Verge recently and it pretty well summed up my feelings about a lot of the Internet ...

  • During a recent morning commute, I was thinking about the various life hacks I've put in place to manage my life. It all ...

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