Mr. Marcelo Sauro

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Seasoned human-centered business excellence senior leader of global high-performance multicultural teams empowering Vestas to drive global continuous improvement. After 10 years of leadership roles in operational excellence within multinational companies (BASF/GSK), I worked 7 years as LSS MBB for a LATAM Consulting Group with US business partners (ASQ/Oriel/Qualtec) delivering services for blue chip customers. In 2015, I became self-employed leading transformations for MetLife, Novartis, Vertiv and Experian until joining Ferring in 2020 and Allianz in 2022 to lead performance management and continuous improvement as well as business process excellence respectively. Internationally experienced across a wide variety of cultures with an Executive MBA and a Master of Science; I have led GBS, R&D, Supply Chain and Finance’s Transformations in Life Science, Healthcare, Fintech, Insurance, Technology, Telcos, FMCG, Chemicals, Automotive, Energy and Mining industries. To find out more please visit