5 ways your BGS membership can help you with your career goals in 2021 (and beyond)

By Tiffany Leong posted 12-18-2020 17:27


5 ways your BGS membership can help with your career goals in 2021

(and beyond) 
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I think we can all agree that 2020 didn’t go as planned—for any of us.


If you had specific ideas for your career that got derailed this year, you’re not alone; many of us had to shift our focus to other things just to survive 2020.


Maybe you were laid off, or you had to put school or work on hold to care for a child or other family member. Maybe you’ve struggled to find a position because you graduated when the pandemic hit. Maybe you had to take a job that doesn’t align with your career goals—just to make ends meet.


Setbacks happen—especially when there’s a deadly pandemic ravaging the world, killing millions of people and sickening tens of millions more.


We’re all experiencing loss right now, and that's okay. Take a breath and give yourself some grace.


As we look ahead to 2021, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel—and it’s the perfect time refocus on our career goals and pursue those dreams once again.


And there’s more good news: BGS members have more resources to help them with their professional goals than ever before.


Here are five ways you can get the most from your lifetime BGS membership right now.

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1. Get involved with the Alumni Network.

BGS has nearly 50 alumni chapters and networking groups around the world. The Alumni Network is a great resource for making local connections: getting together for happy hours, leadership trainings, and speaker events.

Many of these have moved online for now, but once regions begin seeing Covid cases drop, leaders will decide the best times for them to restart in-person events. (But we hope there will still be a mix of virtual and in-person networking opportunities long after the pandemic is over.)

See the full list of alumni chapters and networking groups here—and if you don’t see one in your region, reach out to us to start one!

2. Sign up for a virtual BGS event.

Since alumni events have gone remote, it's a great time to check out what other chapters outside your region are doing! You're welcome to attend any event that fits your schedule. Additionally, we've been adding a number of free events and webinars from partner organizations, which are open to all BGS members as well.

Check out the Global Events Calendar to see what’s coming up, and check back often.


3. Get active on ConnectBGS.

ConnectBGS, our forum-style private networking platform, is a great place to meet new people and make valuable business connections—and it’s also a great place to discuss business trends and ask for advice. (If you’re new to ConnectBGS and unsure how it works, read this.)


4. Plan to sign up for the next cohort of the Alumni Career Design Program.

If you’ve been unhappy in your job and want a change, or you’ve been thinking about pursuing a new career path and aren’t sure where to start, the Alumni Career Design Program could be for you!

This 30-day online program will give you the clarity, structure and accountability you need to plan the next steps of your career.

Our next cohort is scheduled for March—keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks.


5. Check out BGS Career Central.

This new resource page was created with you in mind, featuring revolving on-demand videos, thought leadership articles, podcast episodes, webinars, interviews with successful businesspeople and career experts, and much more! Check back often to see what’s new for you on Career Central.

Your BGS membership is a LIFETIME membership, and we want to support you throughout your career. That’s why we’ve created unique programs and features you can use long after graduation. And we’re working hard to add more in 2021—and beyond.

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02-22-2022 00:55

I totally agree with you, we need to give ourselves a break and learn to be kinder to ourselves. We all must look for different ways to maintain our journey towards academic and professional growth within the pandemic circumstances, but we cannot continue to do so at the expense of our own well being. Thanks for the alternatives that you’re offering, they are all great options.

04-11-2021 20:27

It is so important to remind ourselves to be understanding and forgiving of ourselves this past year. We all struggled and went through strife and loss, so we need to be gentler to ourselves. My chapter has stayed connected this semester by having meetings, initiation, and guest speakers via zoom. While not the same as an in-person event, it is great to see everybody in any capacity. The BGS Chicagoland Chapter is hosting a Mimosa Yoga event, which should be a fun way to network after not being able to for so long.