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Riana Eppler


Currently working as an Interagency Project Manager at the USINDOPACOM Headquarters in the J5 on Camp Smith located in Hawala, Oahu.

Prior to this career I was working as a Human Resources Assistant for the Pearl Harbor Regional Support Center. Leading to these employment opportunities I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management. Not only did this degree further my knowledge on Business Management operations and the Human Resources field, it also enhanced the computer skills I possessed from my time as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army. As an Intelligence Analyst stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I worked under superiors to conduct teamwork with my counterparts and collaborate to build Top Secret products and briefs on a range of intelligence requirements. This successful show of capabilities enabled me to become a Badging Manager under the Special Security Officer for the 82nd Airborne Division HHBN building. In this position I was responsible for working with enlisted soldiers and officers requesting permanent HQ access, conducting security clearance checks, printing access cards centered on a need to know basis, and aiding in Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information read on’s.