Mr. Hari Sellappan

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Hari Sellappan


I recently graduated from UCIrvine, where I pursued a master's degree in business analytics. My insatiable curiosity led me to further my education, and I am also the proud holder of an MBA in finance and a postgraduate certificate in data science. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a fervent sports enthusiast and an avid hiker. Whether it's swimming, hiking, badminton, or challenging friends to a game of pool, I find joy in staying active and exploring the world around me.

Professionally, I have accumulated over five years of experience as a Business Analyst within the IT industry. My journey has also encompassed nearly four years of delving into the intricacies of business and consumer credit data, coupled with risk analytics and modeling. 

I am actively looking for full-time data analyst opportunities anywhere in the US.

I am eager to collaborate, learn, and contribute within the Beta Gamma Sigma community. I look forward to connecting with each of you and embarking on a journey of exploration, discovery, and shared success.