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A career leading instead of just administering made me a mercenary, never a patriot.


Developed Project Management ISO and department policies and procedures. Changed the procurement culture from sole source to multiple bid. Collaborated in commercializing a new boiler technology with a $2B unit price. Executed damage control for failed post factory PMs, spare parts sales, factory defect and warranty outages, client bankruptcy in two countries, and force majeure with the Fukushima tsunami. Mediated and resolved conflicts, extra scope, test and completion disputes, and past due collections.

Being the only contract involving two parties engaged elsewhere in arbitration, the client’s manager having a vested interest in my employer’s failure, and entailing six subordinate Project Managers (two of which in supplier corporations) each in the US$20-100M range, leading the project would have been difficult enough. Add that it contained many new and unproven technologies, it had already consumed two previous managers. Still, I was determined to and successfully did complete the contract to warranty.

Leading the product development team that caused a shift from “economy of scale” to “mass production” saving the company from bankruptcy, developing the precedent for international client satisfaction in a historically domestic corporation, leading a purpose built international Joint Venture to maintain a market presence from a licensee bankruptcy and earning a Summa Cum Laude MBA while traveling internationally are all achievements during my transition from technical to commercial leadership.

The transition from shipbuilding Quality Assurance to power generation OEM design involved a steep learning curve. Marine Engineering is Operations & Maintenance whereas Mechanical Engineering is computational design, two entirely different skill sets, but the insight I had made me a better designer and field investigator. The failure of the RRF while volunteering for Operation Desert Shield impressed upon me the importance of proper long term planning and preservation.

Defense contracting for the Navy while being a Reservist was both frustrating and exciting. Drafting the NAVSEA casualty reporting procedures for the then new LCAC hovercraft and advising plant operations during the builder’s sea trials on LHD-1 are fond memories. I earned EDO at SUPSHIP Pascagoula and I was invited to activate on the spot during my first ACDUTRA, but I felt I could do more in building the Navy than sailing. My only regret is not being able to convince the brass of the value of drones.


Three time Power Engineering Magazine award winner (Gas, Renewables & Coal)

“Inspiring, fearless, and knowledgeable, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Barry.” – Anthony Plank, Vice President of Global Supply Chain - Express Integrated Technologies
“Barry is one of the brightest and most articulate professionals. He addresses issues straight up and offers solutions others can readily work with.” – Ronald Cartrette, President – Jaygee, Inc.
“His success on projects is automatic, and he can be trusted to direct visibility to the areas most critical to corporate interests.” – George Mulligan, Director of Projects, Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas