Mr. Santosh Xavier

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I am a Hotelier and hospitality runs through my veins. I have spent 25 plus years amassing a wealth of knowledge and developing connections and skills to overcome any challenge. I have a vast network of contacts who are experts in their respective fields. Ranging from security, architects who develop luxury hotels to contractors who specialize in demolition, to managers who run day to day operations spread across the globe.
As a consultant I avidly seek out owners, managers and operators who are distressed, I investigate the cause of their distress and offer a tailor made solution. There is no challenge I have faced in my career that I have not overcome. I have designed a solution where hospitality can be used to overcome Covid 19 or for that matter any pandemic anytime anywhere in the world.
I am passionate about people and I believe diversity is the key to overcoming challenges which is why I am conversant in 8 languages and adept to cultures that allows me to go to places and reach people where most can't. I am resilient in my purpose and I don't stop till my client is 100% satisfied.