Ms. Qianyun Fan

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Qianyun Fan


Business analytics is my lifeblood. When I first encountered the use of analysis knowledge to promote multichannel advertising as a vice president of the editorial department, it enlightened my perspective of the digital business world. Since then, I have completed numerous business analysis courses. For insights into the real business world, I have had work experiences and leadership involvements of creating branded content, data analysis, and leading teams.

My work experiences necessitated my skills of building data-driven content. As the digital marketer at FreshMeetU, I mined and scrutinized data from social media dashboards, attaining the popular culture preferences of people aged 18-25 and deciphering the browsing route of website users. I also launched field surveys and had 531 online questionnaires, boosting more specific insight of consumers. As a result of my research, I created data-visualized reports and proposed marketing strategies based on our target demographic to effectively accelerate brand awareness. For an NBA research project, I organized focus groups, in-person interview, online surveys, and AB testing of different strategies, gaining insight of target audience. I applied SPSS, analyzed data, and summarized data reports, finding the potential opportunities to expand the female NBA market.

I also enjoy creating branded content. I designed business proposals for 2019 China-U.S. Innovation Summit, attracting big companies such as Baidu Venture. Based on the goal of increasing brand awareness among people aged 18-25, I devised five compelling videos by using special video effects and popular elements of adventure and entrepreneurship.

Outside of academics, I've been studying emotional intelligence, achieving self-discipline and skill in getting along with others.

*Data analysis and visualization
*Poster and video designing
*Business analytics
*Digital channel management