BGS Virtual Recognition Ceremonies


You and your chapter members are invited to attend Beta Gamma Sigma’s societywide virtual member recognition ceremony!

BGS Global Headquarters is hosting four societywide virtual recognition ceremonies to ensure all new members have the opportunity to be honored and are aware of the lifetime benefits of their membership. Presenters will include chapter advisors, members of the BGS Board of Governors, and Christina Allrich, BGS' Executive Director.


My chapter has already planned an event. Can my students still participate in this?

This event is designed to support all of your efforts this year—it is not intended to overshadow any events hosted by your chapter. You and your members are welcome to attend the societywide virtual ceremony in addition to your chapter’s recognition events. Attendance is completely optional.

How do my students register?

We are sending invitations to all new members who have joined since June 1, 2023. You may also share this invitation with your students. Every student wanting to attend should RSVP individually.

Can faculty and staff attend a ceremony?

Yes! Advisors, admins, deans and faculty/staff are welcome to register for whichever ceremony fits their schedule. Please share this with any deans, faculty or staff so they can RSVP.

Will my students' names be included in the presentation?

During the ceremony, registered members' names will be shown in the on-screen presentation. Please note: Only those who both opt-in via the registration link and register by the specified date will be added to the presentation.

Will my students be allowed to turn their cameras on during the ceremony?

Yes! This is a new initiative BGS Global HQ staff have implemented in the 2022.2023 academic year. Members will now have the option to turn their cameras on during the ceremony. As noted in the registration links, this is completely optional. Members who opt-in via the registration form are also aware the ceremony will be recorded and shared on BGS social media platforms.

Can my students attend more than one BGS Virtual Recognition Ceremony?

We encourage members to only register and attend one BGS Virtual Recognition Ceremony. This ensures all eligible members who would like to attend a ceremony will have room in the Zoom meeting. 

Future Dates for the 2024-2025 School Year Coming Soon!

*Registrations details to come.

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